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“We believe that choosing a nitrogen generator should be as easy as choosing an air compressor.”


Stephen Adeyemi


Redefining the Way 
Nitrogen is supplied

Nitrogen Supply Co. Ltd was established in 2019. Our Founder Stephen Adeyemi has worked in the nitrogen and laser industry for many years. During his career he realised that most laser users had the same problem. Laser users across the country struggled to calculate their production costs and at best could only provide an estimates.

Many customers didn't know that production costs for gases such as nitrogen and energy consumption are significantly higher than estimated and could render manufacturing operations, unprofitable. 

As a result, Stephen decided to build a gas and energy monitoring tool which helps customers accurately monitor their actual production costs and quote jobs profitably.

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Our Clients Say

NSC Install at Mettech.jpeg
" This is not only a huge investment for our future as a business but it also means we can keep our prices as low as possible for our customers! We would like to thank Nitrogen Supply Co. Limited for a speedy install "

Managing Director

Our Journey So Far



In 2019 our founder had been working in the laser cutting business for many years. He found that both well established and new Laser job shops priced jobs using excel spread sheets and also struggled to monitor their production cost on their machines. Then he decided to help by creating a solution that monitors nitrogen and energy consumption to help laser users quote accurately.



After a year of R&D our ground breaking production monitoring solution was launched. For the first time, laser users could quantify their nitrogen and energy consumption automatically on our cloud platform - iMonitoring.

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