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We’re Changing the way gas generators are sized

At NSC, we believe that nitrogen generators should be sized based on your actual consumption patterns.

Too often we rely on gas invoices, which do not give an accurate picture of how gas is consumed on a daily, hourly and minute by minute bases.

So our R&D team spent over a year designing the most advanced high pressure consumption scanner.

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We carry out Gas Consumption Audits for OEM'S.

Introducing iMonitoring, the Worlds first high pressure consumption scanner. Whether its for food and beverage, electronics or laser cutting, it is the most accurate way to find out what your customers true consumption profile is.

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BOLT 5G monitors the energy consumption of your shop floor compressors, nitrogen generator and other CNC machines in real time. iMonitoring is designed to give you control over your running and production costs.

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Why Trust Nitrogen Supply Co. Ltd

Peace of mind knowing your system is sized using your consumption demand.

If your running out of nitrogen then it is likely that your supplier estimated your consumption incorrectly. At NSC we do not estimate your demands but rather we take a more practical approach. Our high pressure proprietary technology enables to monitor you gas consumption profile, like you would a an air compressor. This enables us to size a system for you. 


We’re looking for

talented engineers to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.


Coventry, UK

The Service Engineer / Field Service Technician / Installation Engineer will ideally have a field Service background in electrical and/or mechanical engineering such as compressors, filtration, pneumatics, hydraulics, nitrogen generators, pipework, vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, valves, rotating equipment or similar compressed air related equipment.

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